The short wheelbase accents the off-set of the rear axle. ๐Ÿ˜• Many people know that the boys at Jenssen did some magic with their Mallets on the Tiger Tunnel Tin and frame rails, but they also massaged the rear passenger side tunnel on the vertical. During my Tiger’s restoration, I repaired the whomps that appeared to me to be damage. Ofcourse, my education continued when I put the driveline back in. Out came the Dead-Blow Hammer, ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
This Tiger has not been beat on too much. Although the Pas. Side traction bar/tubing has seen Stress. Many times I’ve seen a real mess at the welded Lat bars. Usually the mounting locations have been repaired post Fun. (Or I’ve bought a few worse cars than this. :roll:)
I would say this is a decent Driver and if the engine compartment wasn’t squirted Hot Rod Black, possibly because the factory welds were bleeding rust? I’m sure you could walk into the dealership and offer cool green cash, and they would take considerably less than 37,000. Once Authenticated.
Once authenticated in person. Having the upgrade of a five speed driveline and keeping the original motor and trans available is a bonus.
Hopefully, a No-Sale on this car might provoke the seller to obtain an Authenticity Certificate. In this day and age, I would call it necessary to have. DON’T buy a Tiger without One!!!
Ebay is a great advertising tool, rather than pay the fees for the sale, why not over-price the sale and accept a reasonable off in person?