Well since I put the 15″ wheels on my car and the M/T tires work really great, I mentioned to another guy that has a stock Sunbeam Tiger that I was thinking of building another motor and he said to sell him my running gear. So I’m selling him motor and trans.
I’m looking into a World Products, Man O War short block, might be as big as 377 CI and the heads I’m getting are the AFR220’s that flow like 330 on the intake and 270 on the exhaust with a 714 lift cam. The motor will be 11-1 comp. so it will still run on pump gas.
So the need for speed is still there!!!!
Talk to the Ford guy At Bill Mitchell’s race engine today and he told me that the motors come in a 349, and a 371 so I told him to send me a build sheet and the price, so hope the fax shows up tomorrow.
I hope to get 700 rear HP with the 371!!!