Phil Ashmore

    I understand from two people that the CAT headers will allow the use of a small screw on filter. I know it works on Nicks car because I have seen it. I talked to Curt at Classic Sunbeam and he mentioned he had the CAT headers on his 302 with a Moroso spin on adapter kit. I think i’ll try to get the CAT headers. Have a shop close buy that builds performance ss exhaust systems…have their system on my Maxima…so I’m sure Jeff can make either header match up to my Tiger Tech 2 in exhaust system, they do a lot of muscle car and hot rod stuff. Let us know how your system hooks up. My car is still in florida and I won’t bring it home till april, but now is a good time to organize the stuff I want to address this spring. Right now I’m praying for snow at the cottage so I can get out on the snowmobiles……cheers