Thanks John! That was very informative. One followup question that I think I already know the answer to: The weight of your wheel/tire package would also be a factor. More rotating mass would logically seem to be harder to stop. I noticed a big difference when I “upgraded” to TRX aluminum wheels – I could no longer lockup the brakes. The wheel/tire combo weighed about 5lb more than the steel wheels I took off, but also greatly changed the shape of the tire contact patch. So its hard to say exactly what caused what.

By the way, didn’t you use to run TRX tires on your Tiger? I understand they are out of production now.

Jim, I agree with all your calculations except for the Sunbeam. I get 3.54 – or as you said – basically the same as the Volvo and Outlaw. I don’t know that the 3% increase offered by the Toyota would even be noticeable.