You might want to buy a Master install kit when you buy a gear set comes with the carrier bearings, pinion bearings, seals and such. Does not come with axle bearings and seals.

The Dana 44 is used in a lot of cars and trucks and with your new 30 spline axles you should have no problem finding a locker and could save a pile buying a used locker. I bought a used Powr-lok for $75 and put a new clutch pack in it another $30. My locker came out of a Scout and is a 19 spline. For the more common 30 spline axle you could also look at the inserts for your stock carrier. EZ Locker or Lock Right may make a unit for the stock carrier and you will not need to change the bearings or have the gears set up provided you want to run the gear you have now.

The other thing to keep in mind particularly if you go with a used locker is there are two versions one will carry something like a 3.89 and down the other somewhere around that and up. So if you buy the wrong one for the gear you want to run you have a problem.

Here is a link where a fellow talks about some of the lockers available for the Dana.
http://pacific.telebyte.com/allanw/bind … ocker.html