Thank You for the support for the 2019 version of Walk MS.

Sunday dawned very gray, with a slight chance of rain according to the Weather Channel. Temperature was cool, probably about 60 degrees F when the Walk kicked off at 10 AM. Captain Mark suggested that attendance looked on the low side, likely due to the weather conditions.

We started with the clouds, but by the 2nd Lap (of 3), we had light rain. Washington Lake Park’s paths meander along or through mostly wooded areas, so the trees helped keep the participants and volunteers from getting soaked. It did appear that a lot of folks walked one Lap and departed. During Lap 3 I quipped to the Park Rangers – standing in the roadway with no tree cover – that the forecasters would say that weather is "fluid", and sometimes the fluid falls from the sky ๐Ÿ™„

I kept going for the full distance – stated to be 3 miles(?) – as did Captain Mark, his Dad, and other family members. Mark has the support of 4 generations of Leiperts on the team… an impressive group of "Minions" indeed. Our Team appears to be #2(!!!) – of 55 teams – in total fundraising at the event. I’ll try to post the Team photo when I get one.

All-in-all, a very successful event. HUGE Thanks to our Sunbeam family… our efforts totaled yet another "personal record" for me in Walk MS fundraising…