Sy Block

Hi John
Just to further the previous post: I did meet with the hotel management yesterday over several issues. Regarding security, I was assured that they have had many high end car club shows over the yrears, including one that they put on themselves this past May with $200K Lambos and Ferraris without a hint of a problem ever and that’s with some of the cars staying over 4 days. I know the Porche club president and prior vp and they’ve had a variety of events at the hotel with no issues. I think we’re in a very safe place as you will see when you get here. We also will be able to put the trailers in a different lot to avoid any problems with our cars.
I am working on securing our designated lot starting Monday. I will be at the hotel that day even though I’m not checking in until Wednesday. I plan to meet with them again and I’ll be making signs to post at the entrance of the lot that it is reserved for us. Also, there will be very few people at the hotel Monday and Tuesday generally as it is a holiday and they never have meetings or large groups checking in.
Hope that clarifies the issue but I will make sure of the details as I meet with the management further.
PS Let me know if you’ve made any plans for Monday through Wednesday. Perhaps I can help.