James Lindner

Hi All

Here is another NY driving experience. This one will be of interest to those who like to get an early start when departing from the hotel, heading home after the United. The route taken is for those DRIVING their cars and heading south. No trailers on this route

Last Friday I departed for home from my Mom’s house. She lives about 10 miles further east out on the island from Glen Cove. She also lives on the south shore so I usually take the Belt Parkway over the Verrazano Bridge, though Staten Island and across the Goethals Bridge onto the NJ Turnpike south.

I departed my mom’s house at 5:30 AM and I was across the Verrazano in 40 minutes and across the Goethals and onto the NJ Turnpike in under an hour. That is fantastic time.

From the Glen Cove Mansion, just get on the Long Island Expressway west, just a few exits to the Cross Island Parkway south. The Cross Island Parkway runs right into the Belt Parkway. Take that to the Verrazano Bridge. BUT you need to leave early to beat the rush hour traffic.

See you in September.