James Lindner

Hi All

Today I traveled home to Long Island to visit with my mom. I drove in through PA so I thought I would give a breakdown of the drive and the traffic.

The trip was very easy. I traveled during the late morning and drove in across the George Washington Bridge and the Cross Bronx Expwy. Traffic was probably a bit lighter than ususal given it is July 5th and, although a work day, some commuters likely made their 4th holiday into an extended weekend. Anyway, below is a breakdown of the trip

Location Miles Travelled Elapsed Time (Mins) Traffic Conditions
I-78 NJ State Line Start Start
I-287 North 24 25 Light
I-80 East 21 17 Medium
GW Bridge/ 28 25 Heavy but moving
Throgs Neck Bridge 9 12 Heavy – moving (lane closed)
I-495 (LI Expwy) East 5 8 Medium
Glen Cove Rd Exit 9 13 Heavy-moving

Totals 96 100

As you cn see pretty much clear sailing all the way.