Sy Block

Thanks Jim
As I just told Tom Hillmann in an email, I want to get the Concours and Autocross basics down (not necessarily in stone, but secure) and then discuss more of the particulars in more of a committee fashion as there are always some issues that are coming up that require input from you as VP and past chair especially, but also some of the other guys who have been around and can offer informed thoughts and opinions. Even some of the issues brought up by the most difficult people can have some merit.
I’m also dealing with a repainting of the Alpine which was hit at my mechanic’s shop by the son of a body shop owner, who is a great painter, who uses the shop for alignments after he completes the body work. There wasn’t that much damage but the quarter didn’t match by a shade after the clear was applied. He now wants to do the whole car; we’ll see how that plays out.
Never a dull moment but at least the SCCA Autocross guy and the North Hempstead people are alive and responding.