Sy Block

Hi to all folloowing the news
The meeting with North Hempstead Park Asst. Commissioners went very well and we’re now on first name basis. I sent a proposal that puts us at North Hempstead Beach Park for the day with park, beach, prominade and pavillions. The plan would be for TEAE to show our cars but they would publicize the event and possibly have a DJ or a band at the meet along with food trucks and possibly invitations to other clubs to come as well. It’s now with the Commissioner but the Special Events Chair and the Concert Chair and the head of Park Recreation are all on board.
The Porche club will be out of town on our weekend, but I’ve made contact with the Autocross SCCA guy who was very responsive. They do not have their schedule up yet, but they had an Autocross on the the Sunday of the same weekend in Sept. this year, which looks good for us.
The lunch at Grimaldi’s for Friday after the Cradle of Aviation Museum tour is set and I’m working on us being able to visit the garage owned by the person I’ve contacted to speak at the Banquet on the History of Vanderbilt Racing on Long Island. He has a Tucker and about 7 other very vintage cars. I’ll also speak to the Dyna-tune specialist who did my car as a possible Friday afternoon place to visit.
I’m holding off on the Sagamore Hill (Teddy Roosevelt Home) Sunday morning reservation as still want to speak to the Mayor of Glen Cove about them again having a ferry (18 minutes) to Manhattan next Sept. If so, I think many of us would like to take it as within walking distance from the 911 Memorial. Also, the Feast of San Genaro is ongoing in nearby Little Italy that same weekend. Lot’s still to do but things are coming along.
Any questions or comments, please respond.