James Lindner

Hi All

Starting to get inquiries about attending the United for less than the entire weekend. I know we still have several VA area people who have not registered for the weekend, who might be thinking about coming out for a day or two.

Here’s the deal…cost to register for a single day is as follows:


All prices are per person. If you add up the amounts for each day you will notice it equals the late registration fee for a single.

Signing up for a day will allow you to participate in all activities and meals that day. See the website for the schedule of events. It would also give you access to the parts room and hospitality suite back at the hotel.

If you do sign up for Sunday please let us know which activity you plan to attend. If you want to autocross..it will cost an additional $20.

You can register at the event on Thu or Fri. But we would appreciate a heads up email in advance so we have time to adjust head counts.