The weekend started out very poorly with the rear end breaking the pinion gear in the 1st session of the test day. We put the backup unit in and did make the final session and the car was quick, so all the work was worth it. There were some light rain showers Friday so practice and the 1st qualifying were not good for anyone. Saturday’s Q2 was shorter and we ran out of time just as the car was getting at speed and ended up 5th on the grid of 13 GT2 cars and a field of 53 cars total. Saturday’s race was very frustrating! We only had 6 green flag laps due to finishing under the double yellow due to a crash in turn one. Also a slower GT1 car got by and impeded our progress forward and we got a 6th place finish. We worked on the car Saturday afternoon changing gears, new plugs and rejetted carb. We started 7th in GT2 17th overall and had the car dialed in. We got to 3rd before a short full course yellow. Got passed on the restart but eventually cleared lapped traffic and regained 3rd and setting fast lap of race chasing down the leaders. With 3 to go I had closed on the leaders but was held up on entry to bus stop by a lapped car allowing the leaders to get a big lead. As I entered the boot I saw smoke and there was the lead Mustang sideways coming to a stop and the new leader the black Corvette just ahead. The Vette held the lead for the lap but over drove the bus stop allowing us to get the pass for the lead and the win! 1st in GT2 and 7th overrall, a big turn around from Saturday.

The Sunday race had the top 7 GT2 cars running together most of the race, except for lapped traffic all the passes were for class position. I think you will enjoy this video. By the way John no video to the rear but watch the mirrors especially when we have contact with the Mustang.

https://www.youtube.com/attribution_lin … load_owner