Jim Stone

I bought mine from SuperbrightLEDs.com. I used to live near them and was able to try a couple of different ones. My reviews of the ones I tried (all lights, not just brakes) is located here: http://sunbeamalpine.org/forum/showthre … 399&page=3, thread #28. Unfortunately, the pictures are gone from the forum, although I could probably locate them if anyone really needed them. Also unfortunately, the 45-LED bulbs I used for the brakes are no longer available from Superbright. Their recommended replacement has 27 bulbs which at least is more than the 18’s I originally tested. They may also be brighter than the ones I bought, since that was 4 years ago. It is also worth contacting TE/AE President Joe Parlanti; his website is linked at the bottom of my original post.