Dan Richardson

Just imagine you in your Sunbeam driving along….
These nice curving, crooked roads with cornfields and all sorts of other peaceful sights…..

Here is some comments Ken Ellis posted on another link (SAOCA) I wish to share:

The lure of Indiana is strong, but I currently have work commitments that week…
My son and I went to the first Indiana Invasion, and the driving there was fantastic. Zipping through corn fields on great roads with no one else around, with each mile or so punctuated by a nice quick banked s-curve where (evidently) the surveyors decided things shouldn’t quite match. Bad for commuters, great for Sunbeamers. (There’s a reason Bill’s car is "quickest from 20 to 80", as he can probably drive all day out there without shifting gears…)

Anyone passing thru Columbus on the way there, let me know…Ken

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Tempting Ain’t it?

Try it you may like it