James Lindner

Hi All

I just spoke to the manager at the Holiday Inn Staunton, VA about the issues raised by 65beam.

First, the rate for nights before or after our event is $89 w/o breakfast (Remember, the club is paying for breakfast Thu-Sun.) For $10 more breakfast is included. This rate is limited to week nights (Mon-Thu) only.

As for the reservation process…Laurie, the manager, informed me that reservation calls are usually handled by onsite personnel staffing the reception desk. If, however, they are handling customers physically standing in front of them, they could refer the call to the corporate reservation center in order to avoid having the calling customer wait. So, if you do not mind waiting they will get to you. If you do mind waiting, simply call back or ask for a call back…or go through corporate.

I also confirmed rooms are available with a golf course or parking lot view. So if you have a preference be sure to wait until the onsite staff can book your reservation. FYI…each side has a limited number of rooms with each size bed, so after a while, you might not be able to get the size bed you want AND the view you want.

Remember to say you are with the SUNBEAM GROUP.

Hope it is smooth sailing from now on.