Dan Richardson

    If you review some of the "other" POSTS on the 2.8 V6 Conversions you will find that I am offering components for a whole range of items.

    My headers do not "stick out" the side of the car! They run straight back similar to the Tiger system.

    My engine mounts serve as a "block" to keep the engine from moving too far toward the front of the car when making the initial installation. They come with a "rubber biscuit" that is not a sole source item, They are available from multiple Auto Suppliers.

    I have transmission brackets for both transmission types, either the Manual 4 spd or the BW35 Auto Alpines. These Transmission brackets are applicable for the late model Mustang T5’s; C3/4 and A4LD Automatic transmissions.

    A key to my offer is that you can pick any one item or multiples of my components.

    I offer a modified thermostat housing that has the heater option(one price). A modified Water Neck for the Ofy 4 bbl manifold that matches my recommendation of a top left radiator connection and a bottom right 90 elbow connection which is much simpler when installing and replacing if that should occur; A pilot bearing adapter if you need one; and other goodies:) Look for my other posting for more info or E-mail: tiger2dan@gmail.com or GOTO: http://danr.mhartman.net