Final event schedule.

Thursday P.M.
Arrive, set up, meet and greet
Supper – on your own
Hospitality Suite open with at least four tables of Alpine parts

Free hotel breakfast

9:00 Tech Session – Alpine rear axle teardown. This is a very late Series V axle. It was incredibly filthy, rattles when moved, input shaft turns smoothly UNTIL it "locks". Sheared crown wheel bolts? We’ll find out. Shannon Boal has agreed to provide the brains behind this endeavour, taking it down as far as necessary and demonstrate how to set gear mesh. Shannon has a wonderful 1890’s Handlebar mustache, so you know he is a fantastic LBC mechanic!

10:00 – 2:00 Alpines On The Square Show with lunch on your own and shopping. If you like breaded tenderloin, this is something you can’t miss.

2:00 Return to hotel – Parts room open

4:00 Tech Session – ALTERNATORS- How to wire them into the Alpine.

5:00 Drive to Stone’s Family Restaurant for supper (part of registration fee)

6:30 Return to hotel – Parts room open


Free hotel breakfast

9:30 Depart for Ainsley’s for lunch, on your own. This is an 1:45 (not counting rest stop) drive over roads so twisty and confusing we’ve decided we cannot make it into a rally. A lost driver could take literally hours finding a way "out". When’s the last time you saw a posted speed limit of 5 mph?

1:30 Depart Ainsley’s for hotel – Parts room open

3:00 Parts room open, prepare for the Car Show.

4:30 Car Show at the "Hill Top Orchard", followed by Banquet and Awards.(part of registration fee)


Free breakfast

Final goodbyes.

All times are approximate and subject to change.