Yes we are sorry we missed you also but it was quite a turn out! Speaking of Barry I just met up with him today and got the body work that he and Tom Smith did over the weekend, he is the best teammate ever!

Good news got the car back from the surface plate August 7th and they did a great job of getting it straightened out (if I can figure out how to post pictures I will). I spent the next week getting everything back together and getting the Tiger back on it’s on 4 paws. We took the car to Performance Alignment this past Saturday and my crew chief Bill Braucksick did a great job (all day effort) getting the wheel base and corner weights where they needed to be. Now all we need to do is hang the body work and we will be able to go testing, hopefully 9/10 at Mid Ohio. It may take a few test sessions to get the Tiger back into form but I am confident we will get there.

Thanks to everyone for your support,