Weekend went very good, testing was rained out for Thursday but track was dry for Friday and Saturday. We qualified 4th out of 16 Gt2 cars and 10th overall out of the 36 cars in the group. The Saturday race was stopped after the first lap as the starter waved the field off with a no start and the mid pack cars came together with 5 to 6 cars coming together. As a result when the race restarted the race was shortened by half distance. We finished 4th in class and was the the second fastest lap behind the winner. Sunday was a different story the sun went away and the rains came. It rained all day and when we went out for race 2 it was a very wet and treacherous Road Atlanta. On the start we dropped 2 spots in class but the 4th place Corvette lost it coming up to the bridge and hit hard, this resulted in the race being stopped. On the restart we were more confident in our rain setup and started moving up. We finally got around the Kinsland’s Blue Vette to put us in 2nd but well back from Tony Ave and his TA2/GT2 Mustang. We finished 2nd in class and 3rd overall and brought home a complete car! Here is the link to the race on You Tube, right click and open link.


http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link … load_owner