Dan Richardson

    I have several Alpines that I am doing a conversion utilizing the Mustang II 2.8 V6 engine and manual bell housing. I initially bought a "kit" from jose, then discovered I was not really happy with some of the design. While it is of good quality, I decided to make some changes to improve on some components.

    One of my cars a SIV was equipped with the Borg Warner BW35 automatic transmission. The kit bracket did not fit the BW35 car so I made a transmission mount bracket for adaption to the Ford T5. I have sold several of these mounts including a design for manual transmission Alpines when adapting the T5.

    Other components for the conversion include engine mounting brackets; a cross link; alternator bracket; and clutch slave cylinder bracket. Additional items needed in the V 6 conversion are also available such as the Modified thermostat housing; pilot bearing adapter and hopefully the necessary radiator modifications. I have a reliable radiator shop that will recore and modify the Alpine SIV-V radiator with 3 row 17 fins per inch for around $400.

    If interested please contact me at: tiger2dan AT gmail.com

    I reside in Greenwood, SC .

    Keep’em on the road,