Do you plan on blasting the floors and underside of the body? It looks like the X member under the floor pans is in pretty good shape-that is a good sign. Did the doors line up well when it was together? I would mount the doors and insure door gaps are correct and then replace the rocker panels while the doors are latched in place to line up all the gaps before welding. That way your doors will open and close when you are done! Don’t ask me how I learned that lesson….. Unless the floor pans are really bad, I would do partial panel replacement-but that is your call.
I think you have a pretty good shell there compared to many out there. Hope you took many photos so you can put it all back together. Was the Tiger TAC’d previously? Don’t remove the serial number plate or the original rivets holding it on the shell. Good luck and keep us posted as to your progress. Eric