Hi Gene,
I’m actually going through this right now. Interesting enough, my build sequence follows Mike’s extensive list fairly closely. The only other thing I’d mention if you’re planning on doing the front suspension make that your first step. Also don’t forget the steering rack. if you haven’t already replaced the lube and the boots . The lube is easiest to do while the rack is out.

I’ve been approaching it as one subsystem at a time and trying to not jump to the next thing until one is fully finished. Its easier for me to stay organized and keep the lost parts down to a minimum. To date my order by subsystem has been something like this…
Front suspension, Install rubber grommets everywhere! ,electrical, Dash, Steering column, Brakes, Hydraulics, Fuel system including tanks, ….Engine (just about ready to do the engine teardown after 20+ years and I can’t wait!)

It takes longer, but its a good idea to "bench test" anything that you can to make sure it functions before install. I did this with all the gauges, fuel sender, starter solenoid etc….
Good Luck…nice looking car BTW!