Do not forget VALVE COVER RACING at the BASH. Can’t race without a valve cover, so bring one with wheels. Sunbeam preferred but not required. Open to any valve or engine side covers, but Sunbeam valve covers are cool.

Classes for: Young Sunbeamer: Ages up to 18
Wild Sunbeamer: Ages 19 to 50
Tired Sunbeamer: Age 51 up

Anything goes as long as it meets these criteria:
 No propulsion mechanisms or moving weights.
 Covers must have four wheels with non-metallic surface contacting the track.
 Wheels can be attached in any manner. Can not extend past front of valve cover.
 Covers shall be actual valve or side (flat heads) cover from an automobile engine.
 Appearance alterations encouraged
SPECIFICATIONS: (with wheels)
 30 inch maximum length
 15 inch maximum width.
 10 inch maximum height.
 10 pounds maximum.
 Lowest valve cover surface ¾” or more above track surface