I also don’t drive on the highway much at all, so the original close ratio gearbox meant having to drive around town with little shifting. It’s surprising how fast one can go in first gear in one of these cars! That close ratio transmission seems to have been put together for driving on long, fast straightaways, like the Nurburgring, which are not found where I live in Northern VA. Since I live in a little town, I decided to install the Mk2 wide ratio transmission gearing, which has been more fun to drive for me. My intention is to also install a 1:3.07 rear gear together with a positraction, which I am told will make the car even quicker off the line, while raising RPMs slightly on the highway, if I should ever drive any distance. That’s the small trade off, which for me is acceptable. BTW, if anyone knows who in the Tyson’s Corner area can install a positraction, please let me know!