I exchanged my 9103 for a Powermaster model 9603, which allows me to hook it up just like the original with no rewiring required. S ince the 9603 is not a permanent magnet type, it can be jumpered without the problem of the starter running on lie the permanent magnet 9103 would. I wrote to the manufacturer for advice, and this was the solution.

…more fun… I think the tiger had neither a 156 tooth nor the 164 tooth, but a 160 tooth ring gear on the flywheel. Not that it really matters… Definitely, though, both of my Tiger engines have a 3/4 inch offset to the flywheel, so even though the literature for Powermaster starters suggests the 9104 or 9604 for the 3 or 4 speed manual transmission, these will not work because they are for a 3/8 inch offset, not a 3/4 inch offset (they won’t be able to reach to engage the ring gear). The 9103 or 9603 have the correct offset and will work perfectly well notwithstanding the fact that the literature and the Summit Racing website say it will not work (says it will only work on automatic transmissions and 5 speed manuals). Again, I spoke with the manufacturer and they confirm the literature is only a guideline and is incorrect for some applications.

So my advice is, before buying a starter, please measure your offset to be sure you don’t get the wrong one.