Question: Who manufactures the subtle hood scoop (which will be necessary with a manifold and Holley 650) as seen in TE/AE newsletter (Vol.10, No.6, 1985 page 5), the 007 car?

Answer: Even though we have all heard that “The stock air cleaner on a Holley double pumper with a Torker manifold will not fit under the stock hood”, I have just this thing sitting in my garage and it works with no clearance problems. Dan Cameron has an Edelbrock F4B manifold with a 650 double pumper and the stock air cleaner under the hood. Again with no clearance problems. In each case, we have done some things to help the problem:

  1. The removal of the thick washer between the heat shield and the engine mount, and
  2.  the removal of the rubber seals glued to the inside faces of the air cleaner.

If a hood scoop is desired, some of the nicest are the aluminum hood scoops sold by Cobra Restorers in Kennesaw, GA. They are similar to the original Tiger scoop and fit well with the lines of the car.