G8 – The Final Fulcrum Pin Fix!

By John Logan, May 1997 Several people have asked for more information on the fulcrum pin reinforcement that that they have seen on my Tiger and that I briefly described during the technical session at the Orlando United XVIII. Why should we be concerned? There has been a lot written about the weaknesses in the (more…)

G9 – Front End Ball Joint Dust Covers

by Bill Dewell in the December 1997 RootesReview I overhauled my complete front end some years ago, but during the succeeding years the car wasn’t driven much as it was in various stages of restoration. On inspection of the ball joints and tie rod ends, I noticed the rubber dust covers had dry rotted off (more…)

G11 – Dealing with the Tiger’s Front Suspension

by Chuck Ingram in the November 2003 RootesReview The Ackerman Problem We have all heard and know about the Tiger’s front suspension. The original Alpine front suspension with a rear steering arm geometry was modified by simply turning the steering arms to the front without modifying the geometry. This means something was compromised in our (more…)