A Wild But True Car Story

From Rootes Review Vol 9, #8, 1984 by Bruce Johnson We have all heard those ridiculous and corny stories about finding Dusenbergs in barns, haven’t we? How about the old lady who advertised her deceased son’s ’53 Corvette in the local paper as a ’53 Chevy with an asking price of $100? There is also (more…)

Here’s Looking at You, Kid

From Rootes Review Vol. 5, #5, May 1980 by Jim Anderson There’s going to be a celebration at our house. Nothing big, just a few friends to note a landmark. The reliable friend in the garage is turning 99,999, to be born again as the odometer slips back to 00000 and we start out with (more…)

Los Angeles Tiger

From Rootes Review Vol. 5, #4, April 1980 by Alex Gabbard Reprinted by permission from The Shelby American Shelby had built his prototype Tiger so well that little was changed when it went into production. Even with extensive testing and drubbing of all sorts, it showed itself to be amazingly reliable and smooth. The production (more…)

New Sunbeam Tigers?

From Rootes Review Vol. 5, #4, April 1980 by Alex Gabbard Reprinted by permission from The Shelby American Well, we know the Tiger is dead. No more do the factories at Conventry roll out those superb GT cars. Gone are the sleek lines of real sports cars. Dead are the roadsters that performed like no (more…)

The Flowering of the Alpine

From Rootes Review Vol. 3, #6, September 1978 Outwardly, 1961 was not a year of big changes in the Rootes line. The new 1961 models were introduced in September of 1960 (usual Rootes policy). On the exterior there were no changes at all on the Hillman and Singer lines. The single noticeable change was the (more…)

The Return of the Alpine

From Rootes Review Vol. 3, #3, May 1978 by Jan Eyerman In July of 1959 the Rootes Group announced their first counter-attack in the rapidly escalating compact car war. Back in the late fifties the increasing competition of foreign imported cars caused the American “Big Three” to bring out their first generation of American small (more…)

Overdriven Tiger

From Rootes Review Vol. 3, #2, March/April 1978 by Bernard Clarke The Sunbeam Tiger Owners Club England Appeared First in The Cats Whiskers, Issues 2 and 3 The Club Publication of The Sunbeam Tiger Owners Club, England In common with many Tiger owners, I found after owning the car of my dreams for a few (more…)

On Guard, the Story of the Rapier

From Rootes Review: Vol 3, No. 1 January/February 1978 Jan Eyerman The Rootes brothers were aware by the early fifties that a replacement for the “90” would be necessary. Both the engine and the chassis were becoming obsolete. The engine was a long stroke four that had been converted from side valves to overhead valves (more…)

Tiger Successes

From Rootes Review Vol. 3, #2, March/April 1978 Can you tell me what these represent? It came from an old Rootes Review file called “Memorables” Please use the form at the bottom to help the club remember! 1964: Pacific Divisional (Willow Springs, California) 1st in class “B” production event–Lew Spencer U.S.- 200 -Mile National , (more…)