S3 – PCV Valve Assemble

Both the Parts List and the Shop Manual for Tigers show the PCV valve as a right angle assembly, part numbers: C3TZ-6A666-A for valve and 378754 for adapter, these are no longer available. You might be able to find one of these assemblies in a junkyard or you could make one. The adapter could be (more…)

S4 – On the 1969 Alpine GT Air Cleaner

If you look on the bottom half of your air cleaner housing, you will find that it specifies the correct air filter. You should be able to come up with a readily available unit that fits by using a good filter cross-reference book or by using this handy reference table.

S5 – Tiger Hose Replacement Found

by Scott Woerth First printed 2/82 The most stock looking radiator hoses I have found are Dayco part #666 (upper) and #679 (lower). Figs. I and 2 show the hoses positioned as you would see them when looking at the engine from the front. Cut the upper hose (the bottom one in the photo) as (more…)

S6 – Alpine Thermostat

First printed 8/82 You can use any Chevy small block thermostat for an Alpine. They are cheaper, easier to find and usually have a better flow than the stock Alpine unit. Install a 160 degree F unit in summer, and a 180 degree F unit in winter if you desire more heat.

S7 – Super Fan

Flex-A-Lite has developed a stainless steel bladed fan with even higher capacity than the fiberglass-bladed fan. Compared to the fiberglass fan, the new stainless steel fan, MODEL 1314, flows 25% more air at idle and 20% more at 3000 RPM.

S8 – Six-Blade Metal Fan

by Kent Williams (CAT) Ford makes a 6-bladed metal fan that is the same diameter as the stock 4-bladed unit. That fan is PN C9DZ-8600-A. The bolt pattern and hole size are correct, but the center hole must be drilled out to 1″ diameter. Before installing, spin the fan to see that it clears the (more…)

S9 – Front Wheel Bearings

First printed 3/31/82 If you need front wheel bearings for your Tiger or Alpine and your local parts store doesn’t have a listing, get the bearings listed for 71-74 Capri. The Sunbeam grease seal is not the same. The following are BCA numbers for Tigers and Alpines. Inner 1988-1022 Outer (LM 11949, LM 11910) Seal (more…)

S10 – Gas Shocks for Tiger

First printed Reprinted in 7/87 Does anyone make a gas-filed shock for the rear end of my Tiger? Yes, but they will not admit it. One club member called KYB for one of their Gas-a-just shocks. They said they do not make a shock for Tigers. Order shock # KG5536 for a Capri.