T25 – Importing a Sunbeam from England

by Sumra Manning in the September 1995 RootesReview Have you ever wondered what’s involved in shipping a Sunbeam back from England to the US? It’s surprisingly easy and economical. My shipping costs in August ’95 from Southampton to Newark were $800. How to Do It Working in England for the last 4 1/2 years, I (more…)

T24 – Latex Gloves

by Stu Brennan in the October 1995 RootesReview: If you ever have to do any minor repairs while you were on the road, disposable latex gloves will keep your hands clean while you are dealing with the problem. Oil, grease, antifreeze, or those noxious potions that we add to our gas to replace the lead, (more…)

T23 – Driving Lamp / Badge Bar Mounting Bracket Installation

by Tom Ehrhart in the November 1996 RootesReview The mounting bracket is designed to take the badge bar and one or two lamp carriers. They are attached to the mounting bracket and then fitted to the car as an assembly, the driving lamps being added after assembly in order to avoid the possibility of damage (more…)

T22 – The Problem with Ramps

by Ron Wolverton in the August 1995 RootesReview Does driving your car onto ramps drive you rampant? Mine did until I made a ramp base. The Problem The first problem I had was the ramp would scoot out from under one or both tires. This would occur anytime from first contact to halfway up the (more…)

T21 – Building a Bulletproof Alpine Runner

The process of building reliability into anything consists of finding the weak links and eliminating them. It is an ongoing process. Make it a point to improve the quality of any part you replace, while allowing for re-installation of any stock parts in the future. Later model cars from the same maker often provide upgraded parts which bolt right on. For my ’61 Sunbeam Alpine I upgraded the fuel, cooling, electrical, and brake systems as well as the engine and driveline.

T2 – Winter Storage Tips

by Robert J. Jaarsma Put your Sunbeam away properly for spring start up Depending on your personal circumstances. you might each store your Sunbeam during the winter months in a different fashion. However, what is the proper way to do this? We will have all one thing in common, to do this in such a (more…)

T3 – Fasteners

None of the fasteners on my Sunbeam are marked with the Society of Automotive Engineers (S.A.E.) markings as described in the August 1984 Newsletter. When replacing O.E.M. bolts with new S.A.E. grade ones, how do I determine which grade to use where? To answer the question, the British use a different system to grade their (more…)

T4 – The Doctor’s Corner

by Raymond Lynch, D.M.D The mystery has been solved! Doctors Randall and Smith, take note. Before sticking my hands into a Tiger’s mouth, I liberally apply Protec by DuPont, a white cream available at auto-supply and plumbing supply stores. I push some extra cream under the fingernails and give it time to dry before beginning. (more…)

T5 – CAT Grade 8 Bolts

Barry Schonberger passed along the following tip to TE/AE members: In the process of updating and improving our beloved Tigers for competitive use, we should all employ Grade 8 lock nuts and bolts at high stress areas. During this process, you may be faced with the problems of high cost, the request to purchase in (more…)