F3 – Problems With Hard Shifting

by Rich Bakula If you are experiencing hard shifting, I suggest that you first try flushing and refilling the clutch hydraulic system preferably with silicone brake fluid (lowest moisture absorption and highest operating temperature). Also, check that the clutch hydraulic line is routed well clear of the exhaust system and that it is free of (more…)

F4 – Five Speed Tiger

by Keith Bettencourt Have you ever wished for one more gear in your Tiger? After you have pulled out onto the freeway, accelerated up to cruising speed, do you have to turn the radio up because you can’t hear over the exhaust? Do you come home from trips tired and with your ears ringing? Would (more…)

F5 – Manual Transmission

by Robert Kittredge All Ford and Tiger books I’ve seen say to check the level and fill if necessary. One tech tip contributor writes that after 12,000 miles on his Tiger, it became difficult to get it into any gear before the engine warmed up. After noting that the transmission oil had never been changed, (more…)

F7 – Installing the T-5 Overdrive Transmission in the Tiger

by John Logan Sr. in the December 1997 RootesReview If making a major improvement in the driving character of your Tiger takes precedence over originality, consider replacing the Ford four speed top loader with the Borg Warner overdrive T5 five-speed transmission from a 5.0 L Mustang. What are the Advantages? 1. Lower engine RPM If (more…)

Bulletin 60-184: Rapier & Alpine “D”-type Overdrive Oil

NUMBER:60-184 DATE: May 31, 1960 GROUP: TRANSMISSION & OVERDRIVE MODEL: SUNBEAM RAPIER AND ALPINE SUBJECT: “D” TYPE OVERDRIVE OIL LEAKS TO ALL ROOTES GROUP DEALERS For some time we have investigated a few cases of overdrive failure due to oil loss which became associated with sustained high speed driving. It is felt that to overcome (more…)