1. Remove the cooler and both lines from a LATE model Alpine (I used a ’67 Series V).
  2. Remove the oil filter and lines from your Tiger.
  3. Fig 1

  4. Mount the cooler in front of the radiator (there should be holes already in the sheet metal.) Mount cooler on top as shown or from bottom as in Alpines (Fig.1).
  5. Position the lines about where they will run in the car. One line will run from the cooler to the filter top center hole; the other will run from the cooler to the oil filter take?off on the block.
  6. Fig 2

    Now take the line from your Tiger oil filter, the one that runs from the center bolt on the filter (Fig.2). With a hacksaw, cut the fittings from the rubber hose by cutting through the crimped areas!

  7. The short piece goes into the block where you will fit one of the lines from the cooler. Cut the line to length.
  8. The metal tubing may have to be bent a little to allow you to run the other cooler line to it. Cut the line to length.
  9. Fig 3

    You can either take your fittings and the cooler lines to a hydraulic shop and have the fittings crimped on or you can put a slight double flare on the metal tube and use hose clamps (which is what I did). A schematic of what you will have is shown in figure 3.


Use 1/2 ” ID air conditioner hose, available at your local auto parts store, to replace those leaky oil filter lines, or to hook up your oil cooler. Use the fittings from your old hoses and some quality stainless steel hose clamps.

Editors note: I recommend 1/2 ID “Aeroquip” hydraulic hose with their screw-in and braise-on fittings

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