Pix from NJ - Cold Springs Village show

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Pix from NJ - Cold Springs Village show

Postby Mark1A » Sun Aug 31, 2014 12:29 pm

Recently appointed TE/AE "NJ Rep" (sounds better that than "new NJ rep" :roll: ) Jim Sauer called out for some Sunbeams to attend the Car Show at Historic Cold Springs VIllage near Cape May NJ on 8/16. This show is put on by the Jersey Cape Region of the AACA, so there was a great variety of cars (plus a few trucks and motorcycles) there for our viewing pleasure.
We're dealing with "old tires", not enough space, and a few other issues with our Tiger, so instead we drove down for the day in our '65 Thunderbird... they did make us park it "across the road" from the Sunbeams :shock:

Jim picked a great venue for the gathering - plenty of space and all shaded by the large trees.
We had a very nice day hanging out with the TE/AE members present, "teaching" passers-by all about Sunbeams and chatting about all kinds of cars.
I know that Jim will be following up with a write-up in the Rootes Review, but I wanted to get some pix up on the forum, too.
We ended the day with a nice "picnic" take-out dinner with delicious desserts back at Chez Sauer.

THANKS to Jim & Jennie!!


a very large "Sunbeam"?


[borrowed] "Alpine Tom" (???) brought this great personalized cooler:

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