Twin Weber downdrafts

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Twin Weber downdrafts

Postby jaars » Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:06 am

In the past I took over lots of stuff from an old Alpine racer. Included were brand new Weber ICH downdraft carburetors, I would like to use these on my 1725 engine. They mount beautifully on a S2 manifold. He had also an old set mounted that way, so I believe it can work.

With the old style breather vent on the valve cover, the only problem left is WHERE to hook up the brake booster vacuum?

I found a "Vacuum and Brake Booster Port" at www.speedway This appears to me as the most elegant solution, to replace the tiny port at the bottom with this double ported outlet. It will be totally symmetrical, which helps with tuning.

Anyone has done this? What’s your thought?

(Another possibility is a S5 manifold with some custom made pieces to set the carb vertical,from the slanted side.)
Thanks, Robert

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Postby SIVAllan » Mon Apr 21, 2008 7:38 pm

Get a S3 manifold. It is the same as a SII mainfold except that it has the vacuum port which you need.
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