Wanted: Alpine Series II parts

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Wanted: Alpine Series II parts

Postby ColinMullaney » Sat Apr 27, 2019 8:53 pm

Hi, I have a 1962 Alpine and am looking for the following parts, thanks Colin.

armrest/console piece
oil pressure gauge
fuel gauge
Steering wheel and column cover
Convertible frame with side bows and body mounting trim
dash switch surrounds (lights, wipers,blower, panel/map)
Convertible top
Carpet set (black)
rear tail light lenses
rear license plate light with lens
gas cap and surround
wiper blades
gear shift knob
temperature lever knob
The side covers for where the convertible top folds down into the body
Hoses from heater box to defrost fittings
Front hood/ bonnet release handle

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